Do You Know Who is Going To Be Alexa’s First Celebrity Voice?

Nope! its not Scarlett Johansson. It’s Samuel L. Jackson.

You might have your very own list of favorites to choose as Alexa’s first celebrity voice but the decision has already made. It’s our very own favorite “Nick Fury” from Avengers

The Samuel L. Jackson!


Samuel L. Jackson is going to be the first celebrity to give out his voice for the digital cloud-based smart speaker from Amazon. If you have been using Alexa, then you already know how the Alexa interacts with you on every query asked or command given.

So not just The Avengers but the whole World will be taking his assistance very soon!


What Should You Do and How Should You Do It?

Now if you want Samuel L. Jackson’s voice to be the Alexa voice for your smart speaker then all you need to do is ask Alexa for his voice pack which will further gives you option to choose it as explicit or a censored language.

You better choose wisely else one stupid question asked and he will be swearing at you early in the morning… 😀 (Just kidding, we don’t really know how is it going to be. But for sure it’s going to add some humor in your life)

Thanks to NTS by Amazon who made all this possible!

Using the Neural Text-to-Speech technology we will be able to hear his voice very soon on Alexa. Looking at this we do believe that there could be many more celebrity voice overs for Alexa in the near future.

If Scarlett Johansson is on your mind, your wish might come true! As Alexa’s First Celebrity Voice Samuel L. Jackson has been a clear winner, we are just wondering who is going to be the next..?


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Do You Know Who is Going To Be Alexa’s First Celebrity Voice?

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