Baby Bathing Made Easy!


Product Description

You must be wondering what’s so big deal about these baby bath rinse cup?

Well here’s an explanation to it!

Let’s admit it. As a parent, we all have gone through this. Babies do get scared as soon as you pour water on their head. They are gentle and everything around them has to be done differently. You can’t just use a normal bath cup to pour water on their head. The flow is too much to maintain sometimes.

A little more than what they need and the situation goes out of control.

But here’s a simple solution to this problem. With the use of baby bath cups, its time to say no to baby tears!

Use this cute bath cup and your baby will have no problem taking a bath with it. With a steady flow of water it will turn into a super easy and make you look like a super mom.


This innovative bath cup is designed with interior fins that can maintain a steady flow of water during a baby bath which makes the whole process a cry free rinse.

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