For Slow Motion 4k Videos This Camera Is The Best

For Movie Makers, This Camera Offers A Strong Image Stabilization

Unlike any normal camera that you can buy from the market, this camera stands out to fulfill every professional’s need. It can capture a quick and slow motion 4k videos with a very strong image stabilization feature.

Not just that but we got three more reasons why this one is the best to concider.

For Slow and Quick Recording Captures This Camera Is The Best

Before we jump over to those three reasons let us tell you that this camera is the best when it comes to action video or recording a moving object.

For action skills, this one can do better capture for you.

Especially if you are risking your life for it!!

Like the guy who is jumping from the train below.

It would have been nicely captured with this camera but we strongly advise you not to do that. Okay!

Do not jump from a moving train.

I repeat.. no jumping from the moving train! its life threating. Okay!



Moving on…

So our three big reasons are.

Number 1…

1. It Captures Every Frame and Bit Of Your Shoot

For Movie Makers This Camera Offers A Strong Image Stabilization 2

It will not lose its focus from the subject when locked. No matter how much crowded it may get once locked on the subject it will not shift its focus to another object. 


Number 2…

2. Your Shooting FPS and the Final Output Frame Rate Can Be Different.

If you want to shoot at 120 FPS but you want your output to be 24 FPS then it can be easily done by choosing the options through S&Q settings within the camera. The camera will automatically do that for you. 

fps 1


Number 3…

3. Heating Issues Are Well Taken Care of


Most photographers encounter the problem of overheating especially while shooting in hot climates.

But this one comes loaded with a graphite heatsink that dissipates heat 5 times more than any other normal camera that you have.


So now if you are convinced enough that this camera is made for you. It’s better to reveal its name to know more about its specification and feature. 

And, the name is…..


(This is the part where you have to click the button to reveal the product.)

For those who just want the name and don’t want to see its specification and other details. Here’s the name for you.

It’s a Sony a7s3 also know as “Sony NEW Alpha 7S III“. One of the best for slow motion 4k videos.

WatzUpDeal Team

Written by WatzUpDeal Team

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