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Do You Know The Name Of The World’s Best ChatBot?

This Chatbot will offer a next level conversation.


Google is working on its new chatbot called “Meena” and it’s not like some usual chatbot that you have encountered. 


Have you ever tried to talk to a customer service representative and turns out its a chatbot with whom you have to go through first. These chatbots come up with a pre-defined solution or data fed in them. Which does not solve your problem in most of the cases? They just repeat the same stuff or the limited data they have.

This may be the problem with most of the chatbots live right now but not with Meena. With Meena, it will be very close to a human conversation. At least that’s what Google claims.

How can Google Claim It’s The Best Chatbot Ever?

According to the tests made by Google, Meena scored 79% of SSA which is quite close to a human being holding a score of 86%.

Now, what is SSA?

SSA is a metric devised by Google to measure how sensible the conversation is when done with a chatbot.

When compared to other chatbots Meena stands out the competition.

Is it live yet?

No. Google is still working on it but you can expect this phenomenal chatbot in the future that Google claims to be the best one ever.


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